Fundraising Framework

Our process involves building relationships and creating demand with investors to help funding rounds get fully subscribed before they even open.

Create investor list
  • Produce initial shortlist of active investors in the space
  • Review together to remove names which are not a fit.
Start investor outreach
12 weeks
  • Create a new sending email domain for the founder, and warm up an email with the founder's name for 1-2 weeks
  • We start sending 20 ghostwritten mails a day but with the client’s name, and refine the messages as we go
  • Upload pitch deck to DocSend to monitor reading stats
  • Client receives all responses into their own mailbox.
  • Do this for 3 months
Get investor opt-ins
1-2 weeks
  • Tell everyone we are reaching out to that we are checking if we can reach back when the time is right (earn the opt-in)
  • Aim to secure 20-50 opt-ins + keep sending them company updates
  • After the end of the outreach, start the round
Kick-off Funding Round
1-2 weeks
  • Call back to the 20-50 opt-ins who expressed interest
  • Try to get 10-25 meetings
  • Close from 5-10 angels

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