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We help post product-market fit founders and funds find investors at scale through actually personalised cold emails. No AI. No shortcuts.

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How can I help YOU?

Watch a quick 3-min overview of the process

Struggling to plan the right process for a cold outreach before your funding round starts? Watch this short video to know how we can help you.

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"Focus on building your business, and let Prateek take care of making the right connections. Guy’s a genius when it comes to data,  research & writing cold emails."
Bunty Monani - founder and CEO OF ZOFEUR
The Founder's Problem:

Eventually, fundraising from your own personal network will dry up...

Fundraising in your personal network over time
When that happens, here's a question for you:

How do you reach out to investors who don't know you?

If you’re not in their radar months before the funding round starts, how can you build relationships and demand? Trust me you won't.

Not building investor relationships long before a funding round = lost funding $$$

Most funding get undersubscribed because they fail to create demand. They’ve failed in communicating the value of their startup with the right investors. You need at least 6 months to do it right.

Imagine if you’ve created enormous demand for your funding, and you’re oversubscribed... how much better are your deals gonna be?

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“Prateek went the extra mile for us and enabled us to forge genuine partnerships in the tech space.
The Solution:

What if you can rely on an expert to craft a strategy to build up demand for your funding?

Be in a position to have garnered so much interest, that you could walk away from investors who aren’t a good fit.

Hi, I’m Prateek 👋

I help startups like you

create demand and build relationships

with potential investors so that your funding round gets a good turnout.

How do I do this?

Here’s an quick overview:

1. Gather a list of 400-600 active investors in your space
2. Implement cold outreach strategy for 3 months
3. Get investor opt-ins months before funding starts
4. Call back investors who expressed interest
5. Get on a meeting and close 5-10 investors

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"Prateek is the angel investor whisperer who gets you results fast."
Heather Dawson - CEO, Xiggit

Word on the street

“Prateek is astute, humble, direct, and brilliant. He is a true craftsman in his area of expertise, and combines his intelligence with his curiosity to produce great work. His advice is well-received, and I would work with him again in a heartbeat.”


"Prateek is a liar. He’ll tell you his engagement terms are 3 months. It's been almost 9 months and we are still working together, discussing updates, talking about ideal investors, and strategy! His ability to get you in front of investors is amazing… plus a 24/7 availability. Highly recommended for those entrepreneurs with a clear goal, solid storytelling, and ready to receive VC money."

Roger Jacir

“Prateek and his company have given us valuable insight on the US & European angel investments and VC landscape. I would highly recommend startups who are actively looking for funding to have a call with Prateek."

Christoffer Riseng Bølla

“After testing the Foundraisr approach, we quickly found investors who actually listened to us, understood us, and were aligned."

Ole Andre Langmyr
CEO, Awake Media

“Prateek is a great meeting-booking engineer. He understands sales, marketing, the latest digital tools and the latest tricks. He knows how to find the right intent data, fast and at scale. He is the sales expert 2022 requires."

Zain Daniyal
CEO, ML Sense

“His network and tenacity in contacting investors and booking calls led to three end stage talks with interested investors. While we ended up closing the round without funding, we definitely would not have had the level of exposure and reach we achieved without Prateek’s assistance. I would highly recommend any startup to use his services."

Tito KibiegO
DIRECTOR & CTO, Veeb Africa

Investor outreach, made easy. Interested to know more?

Our clients are founders and funds. Price is €6k upfront for 3 months. Book a call to discuss if we’re a good fit.

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